Veda was never intended to be a graphic novel, it was meant to be a short eight page one-off story. Over the years, artist Hyeondo Park and I kept coming back to Veda, Assembly and their world. 

Everything started in October 2008. At this point Hyeondo and I had already been working together on another project that never really resonated with either of us.  

What follows is the first email I sent Hyeondo pitching what would evolve into Veda: Assembly Required.


My initial scheme was to do one eight page story, submit it to Dark Horse Presents (which at the time was running a digital comic series on Myspace), get our foots in the door and then we'd move onto whatever our next collaboration was supposed to be. 

We talked over character designs and sketches. I wrote a script and Hyeondo drew it.

As he began laying out the story, Hyeondo realized that it needed more room to breathe and so our eight page story became an eleven page story -- which meant we wouldn't fit in eight page increments that Dark Horse Presents required. We decided that having an 11 page story was better than having no story, so we ran with it. 

The following comic is the first Veda story that Hyeondo and I ever worked on.  If you've read Veda: Assembly Required, you'll noticed that we poached some storytelling elements from this short story.