“Packed with lessons on loyalty and family, this is a book that’s great for any young family to experience together, though anyone would really have a delightful time in the world contained herein. Hijinks alongside meaningful relationships entertain and educate in a great way.” - Fanboy Comics

“A proficiently-executed work, VEDA: Assembly Required makes for an excellent introduction to science-fiction for younger readers, and should offer enough entertainment to keep parents and educators engaged during read-alongs.” - The Geeksverse

“Veda: Assembly Required is a fantastic debut OGN that you should definitely check out. It feels fresh and new while simultaneously paying homage to some of the all-time great all ages storytellers. It captures the uniqueness of the medium and shows how you can use different tools of comics to tell a story.” -  We The Nerdy

“Veda: Assembly Required is a pathos-infused and unendingly charming all-ages graphic novel about a girl raised by assembly robots. It follows the vein of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book and Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book.” - First Appearance

Audio review of Veda: Assembly Required by - The Comics Alternative

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